One of the three sides yet to win a trophy, Royal Challengers Bangalore have always found a way to choke despite having an immensely talented squad. The Kohli-led side has a well-balanced squad since 2018, but they have failed to take the balance on to the field, resulting in below-par performances.

This season, however, they have addressed the biggest issue that has been haunting them for so long; the death bowling. Finishing with the bat is still something that might worry them though.

As we near the start of the 13th season, we look at the batting summary for RCB batsmen and how they have performed against different bowling styles since 2018.

rcb batting
  • As expected, Kohli and ABD lead the batting charts with no one else even close. One thing to note is that even the likes of Kohli and ABD have not been at their best in the last two seasons, as none of them have crossed the 1000-run mark in the two seasons combined.
  • The biggest worry will be the runs per innings, none of them has an average of more than 30 runs per innings, and barring Kohli, ABD and Gurkeerat, nobody has more than 20. This shows how terrible they have been with the bat, They will certainly need more consistency from all their batsmen.
  • Finch at the top is a good addition, and Moeen in middle overs is expected to negate the wrist spinners. Both of them will be crucial in terms of taking the burden of the two stalwarts Kohli and de Villiers.
rcb pacers
  • The top 4 RCB batsmen thrive on right-arm pace bowling, but Finch surprisingly struggling against them since 2018.
  • Oppositions should look to avoid feeding right-arm pace to AB de Villiers, who has a strike rate of 188.93 and gets dismissed once every 66 balls.
  • Gurkeerat and Dube’s good record against them is a sign that they should be used in death overs as the designated finishers for the side.
left arm pace
  • Everyone from the top 5 scores at a 160-plus strike rate against left-arm pacers, with Kohli’s strike rate of 161.73 being the lowest among batsmen having faced a minimum of 10 balls.
  • Parthiv and ABD have a very impressive dismissal rate as well, along with the 180-ish strike rates.
  • The sample size is not large enough for other batsmen to analyse.
rcb finger spin
  • RCB have struggle against off-spinners in recent times, with no batsman playing more than 15 balls per dismissal except Kohli.
  • Kohli gets dismissed once every 25.5 balls, but has a below-par strike rate of 115.69. De Villiers has a 150-plus strike rate but gets out once every 11 balls.
  • Parthiv and Moeen have sub-100 strike rates and get out once every 13 and 8.5 balls respectively. The left-handed batsmen vs off-spinners matchup is surely working in this case.
slow left arm orthodox
  • Kohli seems to have a bit of trouble against the slow left-arm orthodox spinners, having a strike rate of 131.03 but getting dismissed once every 19 balls; his worst dismissal rate against any kind of bowling.
  • ABD survives them, but struggles to get going like he does to other bowlers. Moeen and Finch have been good as seen from the limited sample size.
rcb wrist spin
  • RCB have been able to score at a decent pace against wrist spin, but the dismissal rate is something they can improve upon. Parthiv and Moeen get out too often against them while Kohli and ABD aren’t very fluent either.
  • Finch has been good against wrist spin, while Dube and Gurkeerat certainly need to improve. While Moeen has a near-190 strike rate, he gets out once every 15 balls, which he definitely needs to work upon.
  • Virat and ABD get dismissed once every 22 and 26 balls respectively, which is something they are certainly capable of improving. And their improvement will be the key how RCB deal with wrist spinners in middle overs.

Overall, the RCB batsmen like pace on the ball, except Finch, who certainly has the potential to better his numbers. They have bossed the pace bowlers, both right and left-arm pacers.

But off-spin is something they have all been troubled against. Quite surprisingly, AB and Kohli have been below par against them. Against SLA and wrist spin, the ones who have scored at a decent pace have poor dismissal rate and vice versa.

A deeper dive into the particular bowlers who have troubled them more will give better insights, but from here, one can easily say that oppositions should strangle RCB with spin, and from RCB’s perspective, they certainly need to better their numbers against spin in order to dominate the middle overs while batting.